UVexplorer Partner Program

The UVexplorer Partner Program is a worldwide program for IT software resellers and distributors. Partners can purchase UVexplorer licenses at significant discounts, and then re-sell those licenses to customers for a healthy profit. We invite you to become a UVexplorer reseller today, and add this powerful, cost-effective network management solution to your product portfolio. Please, do not miss this excellent revenue opportunity.

Especially for PRTG Resellers

If you are a reseller of PRTG Network Monitor, becoming a UVexplorer reseller makes tremendous sense (perhaps you saw the recent blog article on Paessler’s web site about UVexplorer). UVexplorer integrates tightly with PRTG, and adds significant new features to PRTG that enhance PRTG’s functionality and user experience, including:

Many PRTG users will benefit from UVexplorer’s powerful features. This means UVexplorer will be a natural revenue opportunity for you with every PRTG sale you make. You can even sell UVexplorer as a stand-alone product to customers who need its powerful network discovery, mapping, and inventory features.

How the Program Works

The UVexplorer Partner Program is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the UVexplorer Partner Program application form. There is no cost to join the program.
  2. When your application is accepted, you will be given access to an online Partner Portal through which you can purchase discounted UVexplorer licenses.
  3. When you have a customer who would like to purchase UVexplorer, go to the Partner Portal. Register your customer through the portal, and provide details about the transaction (number of licenses, purchase price, etc.), and purchase the required number of licenses at your partner discount.
  4. Sell the licenses to your customer for whatever price you like, and keep the profit for yourself.

It’s that simple.

What is My Partner Discount?

The more copies of UVexplorer you sell, the higher your discount will be. Our program features four partner levels: Registered, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level has an associated discount rate and annual sales targets.

When your partner application is approved, you will immediately become a Registered Partner, and receive access to the Partner Portal. During the year, when you meet the sales target for the next level above your current level, you will immediately move up to the next level, and stay at the next level for the remainder of the current year and the next year. Your partner level will be adjusted at the beginning of each year based on your previous year’s sales.

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